Our Partners

Modistas recognises our responsibility for ensuring fair and safe working conditions for all those in our supply chain.

Modistas has long lasting relationships with it Partners, spanning almost the duration of the brand’s journey. Our partners source their material from suppliers who meet our standards or who have given a commitment to achieve our standards. Since the inception of this partnership, Modistas has created fair working conditions, across garment production, embroiderers and print makers.

Where roadblocks have been identified, Modistas takes a collaborative approach towards successful resolution. We encourage continual improvement within our supply chain to maintain our processes in line with current and emerging industry standards.

Our Products

Sustainability issues in textiles have paved the way for exploration of many new fibres from renewable sources. Our products are made from natural plant-based fibres which are organic and bio degradable offering sustainability. The pure Lotus Silk Fabric is the first natural microfibre that is resistant, soft, light weight and wrinkle free. The fibres used for the product is in accordance with EPFC standard 5.5. Our products are tested and certified for compliance with Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and PETA Standards.

Caring For Products

Our products are designed based on a story, and crafted with artisan love. Tender handling and adherence to our care instructions will ensure their longevity.