About Us

A day in the fashion world would make people realise the extent of the impact it has on the planet. Witnessing an industry contributing a substantial chunk to the global carbon emissions, it became an instinctual decision for us to introduce sustainable eco-friendly fashion. And that is where Modistas was born. With an intent to take things right to where we began and to make the world a better place, One Apparel At A Time!

We are committed to a conscious fashion cycle starting with our base which is our fabrics thus focusing on positively impacting the environment and telling a story. Our themes collections are designed by our creative team, and we pride ourselves on our premium quality dresses with unique designs & styles.

Lotus Silk is regarded as one of the rarest fabrics in the world, which was first used to weave monastic robes as an offering to Buddhist monks. Modistas' lotus fabric, derived from the Lotus plant, is known for its pure virtue and will leave feeling calm, peaceful, and meditative. With a logo that symbolizes “infinity” signifying an endless possibility, and deriving its name from the Spanish word "Modistas" dressmaker, the collection is derived from plant-based fibres which are known for their bio-natural and sustainable nature. 

Each dress is stitched with a story and knitted with art to inspire and let your skin breathe through its bio-natural fabric. Every dress is curated with utmost love, affection, and craftsmanship complementing Modistas Pride, Passion, and Devotion to purvey nothing but the finest.

With Modistas we bestow the power in you to be the face, the driving force, the gamechanger draped in the purest form of silk to bring the change our planet is looking for.


Our vision is to create a luxurious sustainable eco-friendly fashion focusing on the positive impact on the environment!!!


Our clothes are produced in a way that effects enviroment as little as possible. We use natural materials with work conditions at the factories are fair with reduced consumption and waste. This helps us to keep pollution emission as low as possible and contribute to reducing global carbon emission.


We love to go extra mile to make your packaging 100% planet friendly. We use compostable mailer and recyclable papers.


’Eco’ comes from Latin root ‘Oeco’, meaning household. It’s often used now to mean ‘habitat’, ‘home’, or ‘earth’. So eco-friendly simply means Earth-Friendly. We are committed to a conscious fashion cycle starting with our base which is fabrics thus focusing on positively impacting the environment.