Kaftan Styling for all times

Kaftan Styling for all times

A kaftan also spelled as caftan is loose fitting dress that can be worn in a variety of ways while still looking stylish. The versality of this summer wear can be worn into as a year-round outfit. For the hot months, light weight kaftans are ideal. They are perfect for a night out or wear it to the beach or pool while staying cool. Statement earrings, necklaces all look great with kaftan. A full-length kaftan protects you from sun burn when you relax by the beachside or pool side.

Style tips for wearing a Kaftan

Kaftan has become a popular outfit which can worn over jeans or leggings. Funky jewellery, necklaces, bracelets with a proper footwear completes the look. During evening time wear a pair of heels of neutral colour so that the prints and colour completement each other. To maintain a clean stylish look, wear few pieces of jewellery. You can wear these kaftans dresses to cocktails or on weekends when you want to take it easy.


How to find The Best Kaftan

The first step is choosing the right fabric. If the dress is for informal outing kaftan made of cotton, polyester or some natural material is an excellent choice. For a more formal occasion such as an evening party choose lotus silk, georgette, rayon or silk.

The second is to select the right length. Kaftan dresses are available in both short and long lengths. Short flowery printed kaftans are suitable for informal occasion while going out with friends. Suttle colours kaftans are better suited for workplace.

An elegant beach wedding or cocktail party can be dressed up with a floor length kaftan or with a V neckline with a tie up to offer more flair and class.



In keeping with the Modistas brand’s mission of incorporating luxurious sustainable ecofriendly fashion each kaftan dress is stitched with a story and knitted with art to inspire and let your skin breath through.

We as a company are dedicated to sustainability and want to bestow the power in you with the gamechanger draped in purest form of the lotus silk.




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