Introducing Lotus Silk Kaftan: Dress for all times…

A garment that was originally worn by men in the Middle East as a long, buttoned-up robe to protect themselves from excruciating heat and let...
Unalome Green Lotus Silk Dress

A garment that was originally worn by men in the Middle East as a long, buttoned-up robe to protect themselves from excruciating heat and let their skin breathe, a Kaftan or caftan has now become a trendy, chic, women dress for all times. Sewn-in rich, luxurious fabrics, made either out of cotton or silk often worn with sash or belt around the waist, short or long sleeves kaftans were considered as an item of privileged clothing back in the days in Turkey. It was a sign of prestige and was gifted as a prized piece of clothing to people of importance in the Ottoman Empire of Turkey.


Ottoman Empire Kaftan


However, over time kaftan lost its charm and was worn by traders, shopkeepers, and people from the lower section of the society in the 19th century. 

But just like the circle of life kaftan also found back its mojo back in the fashion scene only this time as a dress for women and with time it has only become more popular as a women dress that served the platter for both women that either wish for classy and chic formal clothing and those that prefer the more casual appearance.

Dress for all times 

1. Formal or Casual Dress 

The biggest advantage of the Kaftan dress is that it can be worn at any time or occasion, be it smart or casual. To be the heart of any occasion and allure all the eyes on you choose a kaftan made up of silk or more prominently crafted out of Lotus silk which not only signifies purity but will also help calm your nerves with its distinctive quality. Pair it up with elegant feather designed earrings or round-shaped and a stylish clutch to make your appearance more formal to occasion. Jewelled sandals with heels will help make a chic statement and add to the luxury feel of your outfit.

Kaftan dress looks great on almost all women, irrespective of their shape, size, skin tone and the dress also help to shield any part of the body that women would not like to be accentuated. A low V-neck kaftan with long sleeves can give an incredibly flattering appearance to a woman with a bigger bust.

Casual summer parties or for that casual stroll on your favourite beach with the love of your life by your side or just having fun with your girls pair your Lotus Silk Kaftan with a pair of flat sandals (Greek-style or one in leather), your favourite designer sunglasses, a soft shoulder handbag and be the boho-chic woman that will have every head turning towards you.

Dreamcatcher Green Lotus Silk Dress
Casual Dress

2. Beach Dress

Kaftan over the years has become the go-to dress for women as beachwear. The stylish, light, silky kaftan can be used as a coverup on the beach and can be worn over a bikini or a swimsuit as an accessory that will up your style quotient. Not to forget a breezy Lotus Silk Kaftan will provide a barrier against UV rays and scorching heat. 

Since kaftan is a loosely fitted garment, it helps you to remain cool whilst sinking your feet in the sand or walking down the shore holding your lover’s hand. Especially if it’s made of Lotus Silk which is soft and cool that allows your skin to breathe. 

Accessorise it with a seashell necklace, big sunglasses, and comfy sandals and you are all set to up the heat on the beach. Also, don’t forget to keep a belt handy if you have plans for lunch at a shack or a seaside restaurant. As for those beautiful ladies that are a bit self-conscious about their body in swimwear (we strongly condemn the negative perception about oneself), a kaftan as a dress will only enhance their beauty and take control of how much skin they are comfortable showing.

Beach Dress

Perfect Fabric for Kaftan Dress

Although kaftans are available in various fabrics, it is important to choose the right one since by style kaftan is a loose, flowy, and breezy dress. Having said that, with the right accessories, design, and right colour shade it can jazz up your persona on any given occasion. A kaftan dress made of pure Lotus Silk is slowly getting popular among fashionistas who are raving about the texture, feel comfort, wrinkle-free, and breathable quality that keeps your skin refreshed and hydrated especially in hot climatic conditions. Furthermore, the unique quality of Lotus Silk that helps you to be calm, peaceful, and meditative is quite distinctive from other fabrics, besides its sustainable, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and made of bio-fibres.

The exceptionally versatile and comfortable nature of the kaftan dress makes it a perfect clothing piece for women to carry on travel and summer wardrobes. You can end your search for that perfect premium kaftan dress at MODISTAS which specialises in manufacturing soft, comfortable, trendy kaftans for every women quality and sustainability can’t be compromised. 




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