7 Fresh Off the Runway Looks from Modistas Premium Lotus Silk Dresses Collection

It’s no secret that owning a Lotus silk dress is something of a luxury. But what is it exactly about dresses made from lotus fabric...
7 Fresh Off the Runway Looks from Modistas Premium Lotus Silk Dresses Collection

It’s no secret that owning a Lotus silk dress is something of a luxury. But what is it exactly about dresses made from lotus fabric that make them incredibly special? Simple. The lotus silk, a natural flower fiber, is incredibly rare and highly exclusive.

It is the world’s first natural microfiber and is also most likely the most ecological fabric you can find. This is why dresses made from lotus silk, such as pure silk Kaftans, are deluxe in every way.

If you’re looking for flora dress online, here are seven looks fresh off the runway from Modistas Premium Lotus Silk Dresses Collection.

Tropical Flora Snowy

Flowers whisper beauty to the world. This bright and colourful blend of floral patterns will make one feel the the blissful under the sunshine. Visit to know more.

This dreamy outfit is printed full of blooming hibiscus, lush green leaves, and bright lilies. Its unique design and perfect silhouette make it a definite a must-have.

With its vivid yet subtle colors and overall theme, it can bring you to the real holiday mood real fast. The piece is also covered in crystals and features a neckline with tie up. It’s easy to stand out with this lovely masterpiece.

Tropical Flora Dusky    


This dress is clearly meant to be a counterpart of the tropical flora snowy. It’s got a darker aesthetic compared to the tropical flora snowy with equally striking appeal. It spells opulence in every sense, and wearing it instantly brings about that extra boost of confidence and utter allure.

Unalome Mini Smoky

The symbol found on the dress is often represented by your life path. The symbol represents that every person’s journey toward enlightenment bestows wings of liberation. It’s found on the back of the lotus dress, adding on to its beauty and mystique. Not to mention the flattering profile that is stunning in every angle.

Berunda Mini Begonia 

The design is inspired by Gandaberunda, the two-headed bird in Hindu mythology. It also has a crystal embellishment that’s meant to highlight the beauty of the pattern. This style can be so versatile, and you can make it look casual or high-end depending on how you accessorize and style it. 

 Dream Catcher Fresh

With beautifully intricate Sacred Charms found behind this dress, it elevates the overall soothing design of the outfit. This Dream Catcher outfit features a crystal-embellished neckline. And it may look cozy and comfy, but it also has that majestic charm that makes you feel like you’re ready to rock the runway.

Unalome Azure       

Our life path is also represented by the Unalome Azure symbol. The spiral is meant to symbolize life’s twists and turns leading to a straight line. In the center, a lotus flower depicts enlightenment and mental freedom.  The timeless, luxurious appeal and the absolute quality make this outfit a done-deal addition to your wardrobe.

 Yin N Yang Mini 

Lotus Silk Kaftan

This Kaftan pattern is able to deliver the spirit of completeness to the feminine divine. It has crystal embellishments that emphasize the beauty of the pattern, and the contrasting colors just make it all the more striking. It’s hard to not get noticed with this beautiful mini dress that spells luxury and elegance in every sense of the word.


Final Words

With Kaftan being one of the most comfortable outfits, it’s no surprise that many runway-worthy looks can be put together from one outfit. Beach dress Kaftan is the most common Kaftan style that people easily go for.

Whether you’re looking for the best silk dress or floral dresses online Australia, you can find these beautiful Kaftan dresses all in one place. At Modistas, you can find high-quality luxury clothing that can undoubtedly complete your dream wardrobe.

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