Press Release Modistas: Sustainable Fashion

Press Release Modistas: Sustainable Fashion

What is your company's ethos regarding sustainable fashion? 

Witnessing an industry contributing to global carbon emission we decided to introduce sustainable eco-friendly fashion clothing. Our product is made from plant-based in pure bio natural Lotus silk. This natural fibre is extracted by a few skilled craftspeople and is cut by hand to make silk. The pure Lotus Silk Fabric is the first natural microfibre that is resistant, soft, lightweight and wrinkles free. 

Lotus silk was first used to weave monastic robes as an offering to Buddha images or Buddhist monks. Lotus plants are pure in virtue as they emit this purity through their fibres. We believe that a peaceful mind will stimulate a virtuous seed and positively impact the environment.

Our vision is to create a luxurious sustainable eco-friendly fashion for the world. We at Modistas are committed to a conscious fashion cycle starting with our base which is our fabrics thus focusing on positively impacting the environment and telling a story.

Can genuinely sustainable fashion be affordable to all?

Yes, it absolutely can. In many ways, sustainable fashion is already affordable, especially when one considers how secondhand shopping is. Secondhand shopping has become incredibly popular these days, not just because of its affordability, but because it encourages reuse.

Just as there is demand for organic food which is driving the price down similarly this could be a possibility with ethical fashion.

In terms of fashion sustainability, please rank the below in terms of importance (1 = most important, 4 = least important):

Materials/fibres used to make clothing 
Other (Eco Friendly, Biodegradable)

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