Press Release Modistas: Behind the Scene

Press Release Modistas: Behind the Scene

Lotus Silk is regarded as one of the rarest fabrics in the world, which was first used to weave monastic robes as an offering to Buddhist monks. Modistas' lotus fabric, derived from the Lotus plant, is known for its pure virtue and will leave you feeling calm, peaceful, and meditative.

With a logo that symbolizes “infinity” signifying an endless possibility, Modistas’s collection is derived from plant-based fibers, which are known for their bio-natural and sustainable nature. Rumpa & Mridul the two co-founders stated, “Our collection of artistic quintessential kaftan dresses woven in pure Lotus silk will make you a trendsetter while leaving you a calming feel. We intend to take things right to where we began and make the world a better place, One Apparel At A Time! “

The fast-rising fashion industry is often ridiculed as one of the reasons for global carbon emissions. People often fail to realize the impact their clothing choice has on the environment as the fashion industry has become a major contributor of substantial chunk to the global carbon emissions.

This is why Modistas is making a conscious decision to focus on Lotus Silk as they look to introduce sustainable, eco-friendly fashion to the world. Deriving its name from the Spanish word “Modistas” which means dress maker, the company is currently in the process of launching the next round of women’s Lotus Silk clothing which includes tops, dresses, kimonos, accessories, and more.

Rumpa Dutt, the CEO of the company was quoted as saying,” Each of our kaftan dresses is stitched with a unique story and knitted with art to inspire and let your skin breath through its bio-natural fabric. While our current clothing range is available for women, we plan to introduce men’s and kids Lotus silk clothing in the future to make our dream of creating sustainable and biodegradable fashion a reality for everyone on the planet earth.”
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