The traditional dreamcatcher, a Native American amulet said to trap bad energy and let good dreams through, served as the inspiration for the Dream Catcher Dress, a style of clothing. This dress often has an exquisite dream catcher-inspired embroidery or beading and a flowing, ethereal style.

Style: The Dream Catcher Dress often has a loose, relaxed fit that is both comfortable and flattering, and a flowing, vintage style. It comes in a variety of colours, with earthy tones like brown, tan, and beige being popular.

The Dream Catcher Dress is a multipurpose piece that can be worn for a range of events, from casual outings to more formal occasions like weddings or parties.

The intricate beauty of these woven sacred charms is the inspiration behind this soothing design. The Dream Catcher filters out bad vibrations and allows positive vibrations to pass through. They are sometimes called Sacred Hoops.

The round shape represents the circle of life and natural cycles like the movement of the sun and moon. The beautiful Dream Catcher pattern with lovely feathers enhances the opulence of the outfit. Set in a beautiful pastel, it brings out glamour and grandeur.

The crystal embellishment highlights the beauty of the pattern. The kaftan, being a most versatile outfit, gives you a style statement along with comfort.\

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